Date | 29.10.2020.

NSO evo3S gives you total control - state of the art processing power, delivered by a iMX 8 high-performance processor, and intuitive touchscreen and remote keypad controls. Experience rapid responses to your every command in Full HD clarity!

NSO evo3S is available as integrated displays/processors and modular systems.

  NSO evo3S Integrated Display  

Build your ultimate navigation system around NSO evo3S. A iMX 8 high-performance processor ensures rapid responses to your every command, while the Full HD display gives you stunning clarity. Connect with GPS, state-of-the-art radar and sonar modules, keypads and other accessories or integrate with an extensive range of 3rd party technologies to create your ideal vessel-wide system.


NSO evo3S Processor  

Build a tailored, multi-display system that is perfect for you and your boat with the modular NSO evo3S system. The NSO evo3S marine processor is a compact ‘black box’ solution containing two six-core processors and the connectivity options needed to expand your vessel’s system and integrate with an extensive range of technologies.