New Furuno CH600 Searchlight Sonar

Date | 25.01.2019.

The CH-600 searchlight sonar is the first of its class to have integrated motion sensors.In rough seas, vessels tend to move in every direction. This movement can cause inaccurate target information to be displayed. The role of the integrated motion sensors is to precisely compensate for those negetaive effects and provide accurate data to the user.

Two frequencies combined to increase your chance of finding fish

The low frequency will serve to cover a wide area horizonatally around the ship, while the high frequency can be used in a vertical profile mode to help identify fish school, including their size and their movement. this information can help in properly deploying a net or steering a better course to reach the target school

Higher resolution due to advanced signal processing

Powerful signal and image processing techniques, based on a unique interpolation technology, provides images in very high resolution. Even if the fish are located near the seabed, the different echoes are clearly shown and easy to understand.

The higher resolution displays yields a presentation that is crisp and clear.