100% Wireless Remote Monitoring & Interactive System for your boat withNO MONTHLY FEE or SUBSCRIPTIONSSend SMS and App notifications for:Battery voltage, Bilge flood, Intrusion & Video surveillance, Movement, Smoke alarm, Heat alarm, Shore power shortage

ZigBoat™ – Starter Kit

The 100% wireless remote system for monitoring and interacting with your boat via the free App. No monthly fees or subscriptions. This kit contains a Gateway, a Porthole/Door sensor, a Battery sensor, a Bilge Flood sensor, and long life batteries, up to 5 years, ensuring safety and peace of mind.


It’s the core module of the ZigBoat™ system. Allows the sensors to send push notifications when an event occurs.

Bilge Flood sensor

Instantly informs you if the boat is taking on water.

Battery sensor

The ZigBoat™ Battery Sensor monitors the battery power bank voltage and, if it drops below 11.8V sends you push notifications

Porthole/Door sensor

Detects and reports opening and closing of doors and portholes.

Heat Alarm sensor

Detects both rapid heat rise and absolute heat levels, and alerts you if a critical event occurs.

Smoke Alarm sensor

You will be instantly notified of smoke detection fire through an internet-connected gateway.

Motion sensor

Detects movements on your boat and immediately communicates it to your mobile device.

Smart Plug

Allows you to instantly switch on and off electrical devices remotely.

Shore Power sensor

Allows you to instantly switch on and off the shore power (or other power sources) remotely – 30A

CamBoat™ Video surveillance

CamBoat™ is the Glomex Wi-Fi HD IPsecurity camera that monitors the area remotely wherever you are and at any time , ensuring safety, peace of mind and 100% privacy.