Since successfully commercializing the world's first fish finder i n 1948,FURUNO has met customer needs by developing and marketing various types of navigation and communications equipment. Today, we offer equipment to ensure safety, peace of mind, and higher effi ciency for a wide variety of ships, from large merchant vessels, to fis hing boats and recreational boats.

For Merchant Vessels

As part of  mission to contribute to safe and efficient navigation, FURUNO offers a variety of navigation and communications equipment.
These products are designed for all types and sizes of merchant vessels, carrying both people and goods. With regards to newly-built vessels, we have built up a track record and global network commensurate with our top market share. Leveraging these assets, our business spans from new vessel construction to upkeep and lifecycle maintenance and retrofitting.


For Fishing Vessels

FURUNO offers electronic fishing equipment to modernize and improve the efficiency of commercial fishing.
FURUNO is working to develop fisheries with resource management, through the fishery consulting capability that we have previously cultivated in countries around the world, and by providing prod ucts and services that are both innovative and optimally suited for the market.

For Recreational Boats & Small Workboats

FURUNO offers high-quality products for users of all types of recreational boats, including sport fishing boats, sailboats and yachts.
While continuing to supply innovative and highly reliable products to the users of small workboats, such as coastal security vessels and tug boats, we are expanding our efforts to enhance customer value.