Wireless Remote Control of Yacht

Yacht Controller

How It Works
All boat users experience difficulties anchoring or mooring, especially if you’re shorthanded or with inexperienced crew. The problem is, you really need to be in two places at once…

The solution is Yacht Controller

Yacht Controller™ is a revolutionary wireless remote control that allows you to move freely about your boat, while staying in full control of manoeuvring your boat using your engines, bow and stern thrusters.  Yacht Controller™ has many benefits including :


  • Anchoring and docking is made simple
  • Pick up buoys or items lost overboard
  • Provides total freedom of movement
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Easy to install



Yacht Controller™ gives you complete freedom of movement around the boat – no wires to tangle up or trip over. Pick up a buoy effortlessly. Easy dockside manoevering. Total control.

The wireless remote gives you control at your fingertips over your engines, bow and stern thrusters and anchor windlass* allowing you to stand in the best position so you can see clearly while manoevering. Yacht Controller™ is suitable for all boats with electronic engine controls. Models for single and twin engines, with or without bow/stern thrusters are available.
* electronic windlass required