Control & Automation




Total Control
Luxury yachts are homes away from home. Enjoy the same elegant lifestyle of comfort and convenience at anchor, in the marina, cruising the coast or on the ocean waves as you do relaxing in the home.

Browse, select and play favourite entertainment without leaving your seat. Adjust lights, blinds and temperature – even control the hot tub. Whether from a touchscreen, remote, custom keypad – even from your iPhone® – total control is always at your fingertips. More than just a pretty interface, Crestron systems are rugged and reliable, perfect for this mobile environment.
Offering integrated solutions for audio, video, computer, environmental systems and lighting control, Crestron streamlines technology, improving the quality of life in commercial buildings, universities, hotels, yachts, hospitals and homes. With offices all over the world, Crestron offers a truly global operation with local contacts.


Interactive Lifestyle
Integrating lighting, audio, video, environmental systems, networks and communications, navigation interfaces and security, Crestron creates the modern solution for the modern yacht.

Crestron lets you indulge in luxury with a single touch of a button. We can provide the solutions that are needed to integrate and control the various technologies found on modern yachts, and we also provide global support to go with it.

Imagine with just a single touch, the lights dim, blinds close, the screen turns on and your favourite movie begins. Imagine at night the lights automatically illuminate as you and your guests approach. Imagine what the Crestron Marine experience can bring to your lifestyle.

Custom Design

Crestron controls everything. As products and systems become more complex, our solutions streamline and simplify technology so everyone can enjoy its benefits.

We understand that our touchscreens, keypads, and handheld remotes are how everyone on the yacht interacts with and experiences all the onboard entertainment, communication and control systems. We allow individuals to create a comfortable environment, set a mood, and fully enjoy the benefits of technology.

Our products contribute to a corporate image; enhance a décor; complement a lifestyle or personalise a room. And we appreciate that not all interior design tastes are the same – this is why we offer a wide-range of decorative faceplates and keypads that complement almost any décor; we design smaller, slim-profile wallmount keypads that are more discrete; we offer the most brilliant graphics and intuitive, customised screens for your touchscreens; we integrate more of the technology that people want and use everyday into our touchscreens; we provide ergonomically designed and easy-to-use wireless controllers, and flush-mount touchscreens of every size… The variety of products available and the breath-taking functionality of Crestron systems means that, whatever you want, we are sure to have the solution. And because we can monitor and control all electronics on board, we can help reduce energy bills by intelligent programming, automated on/off switching and even occupancy detection systems.

Realise Your Dream

We are committed to providing the best products and cutting edge technology for all your onboard control and automation dreams.

We listen to what you want, and working with the industry, we have designed a variety of products ideal for the marine environment. Take the UFO-WPR-3ER for example – the world’s first waterproof remote – perfect for the rigours of the yachting world! From fingertip control to wireless technology and the ability to seamlessly integrate with your ship’s navigation, communication and environmental controls, we can help you realise your dreams. With highly skilled Crestron programmers available worldwide and the very best in elegant and high-performance products available, Crestron has the solution for all your control requirements.


Now, you can enjoy your music, your way. With your family’s entire music collection, whether on radio station, CD player, DVD player, MP3 player, Windows Media, Apple iTunes or internet, brought together in a single system and accessible by anyone, anywhere in the house. Where music can be enjoyed both collectively and individually, allowing users to select their own music from any room and listen at the same time, wherever they are. Crestron is a complete, integrated audio distribution system in a simple to use, easy to install and affordable package.